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ASOS is a global fashion destination for 20-somethings, selling all the freshest styles complemented by exclusive content, making the hub of a thriving fashion community and giving ASOS audiences the confidence to be whoever they want to be.

ASOS sells over 85,000 branded and own-brand products across fashion, cosmetics and gifts.

ASOS provide a unique multi-platform experience that truly resonates with people that use it, with over 19.2m active users across 200 markets.

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ASOS Terms & Conditions

If you’re the lucky recipient of an ASOS Gift Voucher or ASOS Gift Card (high five!) head over to our Help pages to find out how and when your gift card or voucher can be used. A few points to bear in mind:


It’s best to lock your Gift Voucher or Gift Card to your ASOS account ASAP to keep it safe. 

Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards can’t be used to buy ASOS Gift Vouchers or on ASOS Marketplace. They can only be used to buy ASOS products, or to load credits to your ASOS Payments account in order to pay for ASOS Brand Partner products in the way described above (please see the “Placing an order” section above). 

If you’re being super generous and buying someone else an ASOS Gift Voucher, please make sure you get their email address correct! If you get it wrong and the Gift Voucher is emailed to someone else who uses it, there’s not much we can do. Check, double check and even triple check before you buy it. Speaking of emails, sometimes pesky (but useful) spam filters send our emails into junk or spam folders. So, if you’ve not been thanked for your generous gift, it’s worth giving them a nudge because there might be something wonderful waiting for them in their junk or spam folder!


Gift vouchers bought with UK as the browsing country will expire 2 years from the date of receipt. Gift vouchers bought with the US as the browsing country do not have an expiry date. Gift vouchers bought from an ASOS browsing country outside of the US or the UK will expire 10 years from the date of receipt. ASOS reserves the right to cancel any Gift Vouchers in its sole discretion where fraud or misuse is suspected.